Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What is MFOM?

MFOM provides the Navy Maintenance community with a single, authoritative, centrally-managed application that provides the necessary data upgrades and improvements to support readiness and maintenance reporting.


What is VSB?

Validation, Screening and Brokering (VSB) is a component of the Maintenance Figure of Merit (MFOM) Fleet initiative and provides the Navy with a next generation tool for maintenance identification in the Navy.

Welcome to Help for VSB

What is a WN?

WN is short for Work Notification. It is also known as Work Candidate, 2-Kilo, or AWR.


What are the available roles in VSB?

By default all users get the View Only (VO) role. Job function determines which additional roles are granted.

-Command User Administrator (CUA)

-Interface (I)

-Maintenance Manager (MM)

-Maintenance Team Member (MTM)

-Master Template (MT)

-Reference Data Manager (RDM)

-System Administrator (SA)

-View Financial (VF)

-View Only (VO)


Will it be necessary to change data in multiple systems to keep it updated?

No, VSB will interface with both upstream maintenance identification systems and downstream maintenance execution systems. However, some of the existing legacy systems do not accept changes to WNs once they receive them. In this case data might require changing in both VSB and the legacy execution system.


What external applications will interface with VSB?

Maintenance Identification Systems:




-Navy ERP

-Navy 3M

-RAD Web

Maintenance Execution Systems:





-Master FIN





What is a mandatory field? How is a mandatory field identified?

A mandatory field requires data input before any information for the selected record can be submitted/saved. It is identified with red font and marked with an asterisk (*) at the beginning of the field name.



System Security and Privacy


What level of data security exists for the system?

The data classification for VSB is considered Unclassified. The individual data groups, or commands, when viewed independently, are not sensitive and considered Unclassified.


Home Page

My Home Page is blank, how do I set it up?

When you login to VSB for the first time the Home Page will contain empty areas for My Alerts, My Job Counts, My Avails, and My Milestones. In order to view information that applies to your Activity you must setup Subscriptions for your Home Page.

How to Set Up Home Page Subscriptions

WN (Work Notification)

What type of documents can be added to a Work Candidate Attachment?

Typical attachment types can be added (i.e. Pictures, Drawings, Word, Excel, PDF, etc.)

Adding Attachments

Will the ship be able to see modernization work?

Yes, following shipboard installation of MRAS/AWN the entire CSMP will be visible to both ship and shore.


WN Status

Screening Required?

Signifies that the WN is thought to be non-Ship’s Force work. The WN should be validated, screened, and brokered as required.

Updating the Status of a Single WN



Updating the Status for Multiple WNs



List of WN Statuses


No Screening Required?

Signifies that the WN is thought to be Ship’s Force work. The WN should be validated and actions taken if required.

Return to Originator (RTO)?

Signifies that the WN was returned to its originator.  Generally, this is due to a lack of necessary information.

Pass to History?

Signifies that the work will not be completed even though it is a valid WN.


Signifies that the WN will not be accomplished.


Signifies that the WN was previously authorized to a Maintenance Activity and the Maintenance Activity was unable to accomplish the work.


Signifies that the WN has an Availability and Maintenance Activity associated but not authorized/referred out.


Signifies that the WN has been approved for execution. Note: A WN in Authorized status has not necessarily been transferred out of the system. The WN will only be transferred if an execution system with the proper configuration data supplied has been tied to the Activity (Maintenance Activity).


Signifies that the WN is technical closed. All necessary parties have reported a completion notification.

Customer Completed?

Signifies that the Customer has reported a completion notification.

MA Completed?

Signifies that the Maintenance Activity has reported a completion notification.



Signifies that the WN is business closed. All necessary parties have reported all necessary completion notifications.


Signifies that the WN is within a Package and its work is being encompassed by another WN (the Parent WN).


Signifies that additional information is needed for the WN.


Signifies that the Work Notification's screening and brokering accomplishment was assigned to another Broker.



Signifies that the WN was previously referred to another Brokering Activity and the Brokering Activity was unable to get the work accomplished.


Signifies a WN that has been returned to an Active Status.